July in a Nut Shell

The Parade preparation took some time. We had to butter up each girl with sunscreen, make sure we had plenty of drinks, blankets and chairs. We usually bring a squirt bottle to spray the kids faces because it is smoldering hot!! We were sooooooo lucky this year that Jamie and Aaron were able to save us all a fabulous spot in the coveted shade. It truly saved the day. The girls were excited to start the parade and already sick of getting their pictures taken. I love this picture of my Mom with her grand kids, minus a few!! They love their Nana and are so excited each year when we take the long road trip to Idaho. It was so different this year without our Papa. Nothing is the same although we try to go on just as before. It feels like he is right there with us loading the chairs in the car, making sure everything is packed in its proper place and that we didn't forget anything. It felt like he should be there with his straw hat on holding the girls hands. How will the girls ever know how much their Papa loved them?? The girls stood like this the entire parade. Unless of course they were diving for the million pieces of salt water taffy that was thrown to the crowd! My girls love the horses the best. They think the Rodeo girls with the sparkly hats are just about the coolest ever!! It's so funny to realize how different our lifestyles are from many people from this area until we are actually in their midst. When we first were driving through Idaho, we are looking out the windows and the girls began saying, "look over there, do you see the cows!" "Hey, there are some more!" We even pulled over to let the girls have a look up close. We heard things like, "Wow, Oh, they are so cute." "Look a brown one, a black one! "AAaaaaaaaa", they would scream! "Look at the baby one." With the amount of enthusiasm they would say it, you would have thought they saw a bear walking on the side of the road. We were in Idaho how long? Three weeks! The enthusiasm for the cows remained! My sister Jamie was laughing at us because she sees cows out her back withdow every day. John swims with dolphins when he surfs. I have a feeling that would be pretty foreign to some of these farmers!!:) You gotta love the U.S.A. I love that I captured this one! What would the Rexburg parade be without a John Deer tractor. Gotta love it!!

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Each Life that Touches Ours for Good said...

We had so much fun. Thanks for coming and making life seem like it can go on... love these little ones!