Random favorites

When my Mom and I got home from running errands, I was able to capture this picture. John was able to do many things to help my Mom around the house. It made me so proud to have a husband so willing to help. John is a very hard worker, despite what his sisters may say about his teenage years!! :) I know he did it because he loves her. I hope she can feel that. Mowing the lawn is easy, the problem is it always grows back!
Thank goodness for this play thing!! Hours and hours of fun! It was a boat, a tent, a place to picnic!! Best of all a place for all those kiddos to let out their energy and give us some peace and quiet!! Thank you
Donuts for breakfast! Aren't vacations great!
Cousin sleepover!
We normally don't let the girls have sleepovers but we made a special exception. The girls had so much fun. I think they were more excited about the prospect of having a sleepover, then the actual sleepover itself!! I wish I would have gotten a picture of them all sprawled out on the floor. This is them all cuddled up watching a movie before bed. It is really fun that Jamie lives in Rexburg now and the girls were able to hang out with their cousins almost every day!
I was trying to figure out why I loved this picture so much. My three girls all cuddles up on my Moms bed. Many nights as curfew crept up, I would quietly come in the door, walk up the stairs and always seemed to find my way to my Mom and Alain's bed. I would sit on the edge and talk about my night . The good, the bad and the ugly!! I never felt like they wanted me to go away. I really felt like they cared about me and what I had to say. Whenever I feel sad or overwhelmed or just need my Mom, I wish I could just go sit on the edge of her bed and hold her hand. Instead I have to settle for a phone call. I feel so grateful for those memories. I will cherish them! I miss Alain tonight! :(


Each Life that Touches Ours for Good said...

You have such a sweet way of describing your feelings past and present. We loved having you sit on our bed and remember Alain would talk all night if I he could! Miss him too!

Each Life that Touches Ours for Good said...

I also appreciated ALL that John did for me while you were here. Like I've said many times... he's a "keeper!"