There is something truly American about a Rodeo. I can't help but feel proud, and get even a little choked up when I see all those beautiful flags waiving. It is a beautiful sight. We love the Rodeo!! It lets me get in touch with my inner cowgirl. Don't tell John, but when I was younger I always thought I would marry a cowboy. There is just something about those chaps and them wanting to conquer a savage beast trying to buck them off. And then risk the trampling of hooves. Very Sexy! :) We had nachos and french fries. Just an hour earlier we swore we would never eat again after an amazing BBQ at my Moms! Wow, I must say, that some of the people that show up for rodeos are some of the same you might see at Walmart past midnight. Scary!!
I have to give all the credit for this next picture to Kate Jones. She obviously has some skills with her camera that I am lacking. She captured this incredible picture of my favorite event!! I have to admit that one of the main reasons I love going to Rodeos is because of my love for this first event called Mutton Bust'n. They just strap these little kids 3,4,5 onto these sheep and let them rock and roll!! They just have to see how long they can hold on. I have never laughed so hard. It's almost the tears coming out laughing!! What are these parents thinking! This little guys face says it all!:)
My Mommy and sweet Elle Belle. She looks so grown up to me in this picture! STOP growing up Ellie!!!
Ok, need I say more. And the class clown is------ Drum roll!!!!!!!!!!
The Rodeo went so long that we didn't even stay for the fireworks. Bummer! But I must say, we had a very extravagant and successful firework show in the street when we got home. You gotta love Idaho. No restrictions or regulations. You just pick up your fireworks right there at Walmart and the rest is history. No cops stopping the fun in Rexburg! Give the kids some sparklers and who could ask for more. We were so exxcited when we heard Jason and Kate Jones with little Lucus of course were in Idaho. They were able to hang out with us on the 4th. It would not have been the same without them and we are truly lucky to have them as friends!